10/8: Inspirations: Time and People

The subtitles here are annoying, but in my mind, Del and Claire, the lead couple in Jig Saw, are Nick and Nora. If they liked each other, which is up for grabs.


Trouble in Paradise by Ernst Lubitsch has felt like the model for this production all along to me. Easy virtue!! (Hooray, pre-code era.) I also like that Trouble has its serious moments and isn’t all big belly laughs.


My Man Godfrey is another good one for 30s patter (and you can watch the whole thing on YT), though I’ve always found Lombard to be massively annoying in it, and her hair is awful. (Don’t get me wrong; I love Lombard, just not the character she plays here.) Nonetheless, the character has that sort of scattered lightness that seems pretty integral to the way that Claire functions. Also, I do like the mom and the sister in this. Mom seems like Ethel to me, in a permanent alcohol fog that appears to be quite pleasant. Sister is bitchier and more like Julie (after Julie aged about a decade and had some hard knocks). Julie will appear to be quite a little bitch if we’re not careful, but of course we will be.

Of course, I had to find a way to get the great Margaret Dumont in the mix; when I think Mrs. Finch, I think MD.

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