11/4: Our Cast, Part 1: Claire, aka Mouse Courtois

Ok, gang, it’s time to get to know the Jig Saw cast, starting with our leading lady Claire Burnell. Heeeeeere’s….Mouse!


Your character in 1-2 sentences:
Claire is flighty, flitting, flirtatious, and feminine. She loves glamor, wit, and being admired.

The way in which you’re most like your character:
I can’t sit still!!

The way in which you’re least like your character:
I love beer, and sneaking under the radar in public venues.

Your favorite thing about 1934:
The advertising style, and the fashion.

Your character’s drink:
Whatever the gentleman orders for her.
What drew you to theater?

My mom bribed me into a theatre Summer camp when I was eight. I guess I never left.
I have a BA in Theatre Arts, but the best experience I have comes from community theatre. History, theory, and etiquette are important, but the value of what I’ve learned by necessity in volunteer situations is immeasurable. I mainly have experience acting, costuming, and directing.

Home town?
I’m a native Ann Arborite with an adoration for the U.P. Michigan has some of the prettiest land in the world, if you know where to look. I also enjoy variety in my weather, so I’m probably not leaving any time soon.

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