11/10: The Complications: Nate and Julie, aka Morgan Brown and Libby Masaracchia

Into every play, a little conflict must fall. Meet our catalysts. First, Morgan Brown, who plays Nate Gifford, the guy who sweeps Claire off her feet when they both crash a wedding.


Describe your character in one sentence.
Nathan is a fast-talking, free-spirited young guy who is a little out of his depth.

How are you like your character?
We both love witty epigrams.

How are you not?
I tend to tell the truth.  Most of the time.

What do you like best about 1934?
I like the general aesthetic, especially the clothing styles and architecture.

Favorite drink?
Cocktails. Though anything but beer will do in a pinch.

Who would play Nathan in a movie?
He kind of reminds me of George Clooney’s character in O Brother Where Art Thou.

Previous experience:
I was Malcolm in A2CT’s performance of Bedroom Farce last January. And when I was in high school, I was part of the school play, which was a murder mystery.  My character had a line where he nearly spills the identity of the murderer but then the lights go out and he gets killed.  Of course during the matinee, the booth misses the lighting cue.  That was probably the longest eight seconds of my life.

Why theater? 
I really enjoy the freedom you get onstage just to be someone else.  I did a little bit of theater growing up and in high school but drifted away from it in college.  A few years ago in grad school I got involved in community theater again and it’s been really fun and rewarding.  For me it’s a good way to do something creative while getting my mind off my studies.

None, but I try to learn by watching and doing!

Where are you from?
I grew up in North Carolina, but I lived in Berkeley, California for five years before moving to Michigan.  I’m a pretty introverted guy but moving to new places has made me a bit more outgoing and adventurous.

Nathan’s not the only arriviste; there’s also Julie, Claire’s daughter, played by Libby Masaracchia.


Describe your character.
Julie is a clever, manipulative young woman in love with an older man.

Are you at all like her?
When need be, I too am persistent. Unlike Julie, I have a conscience.

What do you like most about 1934?
The clothes, of course!

Favorite drink?
A champagne cocktail.

Who would play Julie?
In the 30s, young Katharine Hepburn. Today, Kristin Chenoweth.

Other experience?
Most recently, I was in Office Hours at the Carriage House Theater. I played Courtney VanderMeer, another daughter with an attitude. The directors swear they’re casting against type.

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