About the Show

Jig Saw by Dawn Powell is a PTD production.

Show Dates:

Thursday-Saturday, December 5-7, 8pm

Sunday, December 8, 2pm

Thursday-Saturday, December 12-14

Riverside Arts Center, 76 Huron Str., Ypsilanti, MI 734–480-ARTS (2787)

Claire Burnell is charming, divorced, and bored in 1934 New York City. Romance begins when she and Nathan Gifford crash the same wedding. The only problem: Claire’s daughter, Julie, who’s also in love with Nathan. And Claire’s boyfriend, Del, who pays the rent. And Claire’s upstairs neighbor, Frank, who keeps dropping in for a cocktail wearing nothing but a towel. And Claire’s best friend, Letty, who wants to be use Claire’s place to rendezvous with Frank. And Frank’s wife, Ethel. And the building psychic, Mrs. Finch, who predicts the whole thing. And….oh heck, it’s complicated.

There’s only one way to find out how—and if—it will all work out. Come see the show. Fill out the form below for info. See you at the theater!


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